About GK Development, Inc.

About: GK Development, Inc.

GK Development, Inc. is a commercial real estate firm based in Barrington, Illinois. Guided by an experienced and tightly knit management team, GK Development acquires, develops, owns and operates a diversified portfolio of commercial and retail property across the United States. GK Development specializes in identifying the potential in smaller, niche markets that are in robust trade areas. To ensure the feasibility of target properties, we maintain strict underwriting standards for our acquisitions, focusing on those properties that are the dominant retail draw within their trade area.

“With more than 20 years in the business, GK Development is an established presence in the national retail real estate community.”

GK Development maintains a hands-on approach for property operations and leasing, allowing for stronger performance at the properties. Our close and active relationship with our properties fosters opportunities for creative management, helping to build incremental value in the investments.

Offering gainful opportunities for investors, GK Development has a long track record of acquiring and repositioning under-performing properties, cultivating their latent profitability. These value-added properties form the backbone of GK Development’s investment strategy and create the potential for excellent risk-adjusted returns. Investor equity is always reinforced by GK Development’s own investments; we believe in the properties we develop and are right alongside our investors for both the risk and the return.

GK Development’s discipline in acquisitions utilizes insightful and thorough research of markets, due diligence and investment analysis, securing those properties that can be developed into strong, long-term investment performers. GK Development has repeatedly taken properties full-cycle, realizing solid returns on investment. Stringent analytics ensure that we don’t waste time or resources on properties without the capability of becoming strong earners.

The future is always in mind at GK Development, where creative vision and ideas are always sought. Our team is a vibrant blend of youth and experience, assuring there’s a unique perspective at every meeting. Helmed by industry veterans and committed to high standards of analytical acuity and hands-on operations, GK Development, Inc. is constantly looking forward, always seeking new avenues for growth.

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