Regional Malls
Neighborhood Centers

Seeking Opportunities That Others Overlook

GK Development Inc.'s forward thinking business approach seeks new avenues for growth, while we continue those traditions that have made us successful for more than seventeen years.
Flexibility is a key to GK Development, Inc.'s tradition of success. As we recognize a market opportunity, we're able to capitalize on it quickly. We initially began investing in multi-family dwellings in Chicago, and as the market began to shift, we harvested those assets, which then enabled us to expand our portfolio to include neighborhood shopping centers. Having created increased value for our investors, our strategy lead us to purchase regional malls in under served markets - where our real estate re-positioning strategy has been successfully applied.
Discipline and expertise drive us - GK's team of seasoned real estate experts have the vision to see the potential in an under performing regional mall or an under developed trade area. In 2004, GK Development, Inc. identified regional malls in secondary markets as a prime opportunity to demonstrate our value-add approach to real estate. Today, our portfolio includes eight regional malls, bringing our total ownership to more than 6 million square feet of commercial real estate.
GK Development, Inc. is expanding further into real estate arenas that will continue to advance investment returns. Regardless of market and economic conditions, we have always believed that unwavering discipline and relentless focus on operations are the hallmarks that drive strong performance in commercial real estate. We remain true to these core beliefs and have found this strategy has served us well in current market conditions.
Experience drives us to seek out and recognize the opportunities before us, and our agility enables us to move ahead quickly - realizing the real potential in commercial real estate.