Garo Kholamian
Sherry Mast
Gregory C. Kveton
RaeAnn Overberg
Susan Dewar
Deno T. Varlas
Matt Leiter
Melissa Pielet

Founded in 1995 by Garo Kholamian, GK Development Inc.'s first acquisitions were multi-family properties in Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood. GK Development Inc. expanded into commercial real estate in 1996 when it managed the sale and development of a Home Depot and adjacent 450,000-square foot retail space in suburban Minneapolis.

Since then, GK Development Inc. hasn't looked back, rapidly and aggressively expanding and maintaining its real-estate portfolio. We've consulted on redevelopment projects throughout the Midwest-from Illinois to Minneapolis to Ohio-and we currently own properties in nine states (Florida, Illinois, North Dakota, Iowa, Texas, Colorado, Montana, and Michigan).

Our team exemplifies the experience, intelligence and tenacity that prompts firm, quantifiable results.